About Decadet

Over many years of contracting, we were employed within a building restoration environment to open up fabric for investigating possible defective timbers, often unnecessarily.

As this inevitably proved disruptive and possibly expensive for a client we set up our Decadet surveying facility to check for or monitor progress of any timber or building fabric deterioration.

Having previously over twenty years of experience in private construction and repair projects, Decadet was established in 1996 to specifically concentrate on surveys to historic timber-framed buildings.

Various types of survey have been carried out over the years, ranging from small domestic properties to large country mansions, commercial properties and industrial buildings.

Decadet surveys are not restricted to properties as we also carry out investigations within civil engineering and transport systems.

If the structure is of timber construction then Decadet can inspect sections for new or developing deterioration to enable strength analysis of the building for maintenance planning.